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What is the difference between a vertical mill and a ball mill?


vertical roller mill

ball mill

Vertical roller mill (vertical mill) is mainly suitable for ultra-fine powder processing of non-inflammable and explosive brittle materials with medium and low hardness and Mohs hardness of 6. The ball mill is the key equipment for crushing the material after it has been crushed. The vertical mill belongs to the “grinding of the bed” grinding machine, which is quite different from the “single particle crushing” ball mill:

1. The energy consumption rate of the ball mill is relatively low. At present, there is a tendency to be replaced by vertical mills, roller presses, etc., but the ball mill has a “granular shape that is approximately spherical, which is conducive to raw material calcination and cement hydration hardening”. The unique advantage is that this is the main reason why clinker mills still use ball mills.

2. Because the vertical grinding method is reasonable, the grinding work is fully utilized by the materials, and the grading is timely, avoiding the phenomenon of over-grinding of the materials, so the grinding efficiency is high and the power consumption is low (20% less than the ball mill) the above).

3. The vertical mill allows a large amount of air to be passed, so the drying capacity is large; the material in the grinding is in a suspended state, which increases the contact area between the material and the airflow, and the heat exchange condition is good, so the drying efficiency is high. (When the ball mill grinds the wet material, due to its limited air flow through the ball mill, additional drying equipment is usually required in front of the ball mill.)

4. The space occupied by the vertical mill is only 50%~70% of the ball mill, and the occupied physical space is relatively smaller.

5. Lower initial cost. The initial construction cost, running cost and maintenance cost of the vertical mill are only 70%~80% of the ball mill equipment.

6, the size of the grinding material is large, generally up to 3% -5% of the diameter of the grinding roller, the large grinding allows the feeding size to be large, therefore, the large and medium vertical grinding can eliminate the secondary crushing. (The ball mill is limited by its larger steel ball diameter and can only be used with smaller raw materials.)

7. The product has fine adjustment of fineness, uniform particle size and stable chemical composition. (The proportion of fine powder in the product produced by the ball mill is low.)

8, less dust, less noise, is conducive to environmental protection. There is no impact between the grinding body and the grinding body and the lining plate during the vertical grinding operation, so the noise is low, the grinding and piping system of the vertical grinding machine is relatively simple, the sealing is good, and the operation is mostly negative pressure operation, so the dust is less. .

9. The vertical mill has a short conversion time, which can convert different raw materials on the same mill in a very short time to produce different products. (The ball mill is the opposite.)

10. Low wear. There is no direct contact between metals during operation, so metal consumption is small. Therefore, the wear of the parts is small and the service life is long. The metal wear of the unit products is generally 5-10 g/ton. (The ball mill uses collision friction, so it wears high.)

11. The process is simple, the equipment is installed vertically, and the mill grinds, dries and grades the materials at the same time, so the floor space is small, the probability of failure is low, and the funds are saved.

Vertical mills are not suitable for grinding hard and abrasive materials with short service life and frequent maintenance. Moreover, its wear parts are more expensive than the ball mill, but compared with the total maintenance of the ball mill, hoist, classifier and other equipment replaced by it, it still appears to be simple, easy to repair and small in workload.

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