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What material can the ball mill grind and where to find a good ball mill manufacturer?2019-05-29

Ball mills are mainly used for grinding and are important mineral processing equipment. In the operation of the ball mill, the ball of the ball mill is continuously smashed to the mineral material under the action of gravity and is continuously circulated and ground to the qualified finished product.
Clirik ball grinding mill manufacturer

Material that can be processed by the ball mill:

The ball mill can process a lot of materials, and with the advent of new materials, the progress of the beneficiation technology, the performance of the ball mill is constantly improving, the processing effect is also significantly improved, the ball mill can process barite, slime, potassium feldspar, Tungsten carbide, copper ore, slag, hematite, white ash, gold ore, aluminum powder, high alumina porcelain, iron powder, fluorite ore, aluminum powder paste, steel slag, quartz sand, sulfuric acid slag, barite, clinker , aluminous bauxite, ceramsite sand, etc. dozens or even hundreds of ores, widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, black and non-ferrous metal dressing and glass ceramics and other production industries.
ball mill process materials

Ball mill advantages

1, more energy-saving: 30% power saving, the traditional ball mill uses sliding bearings, the new ball mill uses rolling bearings, has a good starting performance and load carrying capacity, lower energy consumption.
2, more environmentally friendly: sealed, the ball mill uses a special sealing device, to isolate the elements of the air pollution of the finished product, but also to prevent dust from entering the air, to ensure a clean working environment.
3, more wear-resistant: advanced material, the wear parts of the ball mill adopt imported wear-resistant materials, new structural lining, optimize gear design, improve the wear resistance and compression resistance of the whole machine.
4, better use: simple structure, simpler structure, easier to operate, solid body, stable operation, users can get started quickly.
5, more trouble-free: automatic operation, ball mill has a higher level of automation, can achieve unmanned operation, continuous feeding, continuous operation, increase production, to meet the requirements of large-scale industrial production.

Where to find a good ball mill manufacturer?

When buying a ball mill, you must choose a ball mill manufacturer. Although there are many manufacturers, the professional manufacturers have not increased significantly. The increase is only for some small manufacturers. The scale of such manufacturers is small and the process technology is not advanced enough. The quality of the ball mill equipment to be produced is yet to be verified. It is recommended that you choose a large-scale brand manufacturer, such as Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. Our ball mill adopts a displacement gear to eliminate the undercut phenomenon, greatly improve the bending resistance of the gear, improve the flexibility of operation, and adopt hollow processing. The shaft greatly improves the pressure resistance of the whole machine, ensuring high output and low maintenance rate. The ball mill adopts imported wear-resistant materials, and the inner wall of the ball mill is provided with a protective lining to ensure the durability of the body. For more information on ball mills, please feel free to contact us online!

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