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Some Suggestions on How to Reduce the Noise of Powder Grinding Mill2017-10-12

Large scale mining equipment will make big noise inevitably in the running process. What we should concern is that too large noise is harmful to the operator and the surrounding residents. At this time let me provide you some suggestions on how to reduce the noise of your powder grinding mill.


grinding mill


Stone powder grinding mill is the common grinding equipment applied in the fields of chemical, metallurgy, mining and other industries with 95dB lowest noise and highest one up to 120dB. Stone powder grinding mill has the strongest noise in the industry production, which remind us to control the noise timely.


According to analysis of professional study team, there are three principal methods to rationally control the noise which are installation of acoustic enclosure, soundproof room and soft sound insulation curtain.


Installing acoustic enclosure means to mantle the whole powder grinding mill and equipped with sound-absorbing body to reduce reverberation noise inside the acoustic enclosure. This method is usually available for 25-45dB noise reduction, but cannot effectively isolate powder grinding mill noise with the outside world. However due to the poor ventilation effect, this method is not promoted.


As the modified production of acoustic enclosure, the soundproof room solving the problem of insufficient maintenance space is widely used in controlling the powder grinding mill noise in modern times. However, the problems of poor ventilation effect still exist.


Soft acoustic curtain can absorb noise with the soft elastic fiber material. With advantages of perfect ventilation and lighting performance, high temperature resistance and simple use, it is particularly suitable for space-restricted powder grinding mill noise controlling sites which can gradually replace the traditional rigid sound insulation structure.

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