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200 Mesh Small Calcium Carbonate Micro Mill-Raymond Mill2017-10-31

Small mill is suitable for powder manufacturer with small amount of investment, production requires a few tons a day, but under the new policy of environmental protection, only choose an environmentally friendly milling equipment, it can be put into production. Raymond mill of Shanghai Clirik is suitable for producing about 200mesh calcium carbonate with 20 tons per day. Now let me introduce 200 Mesh Calcium Carbonate Powder.

What is the use of 200 mesh calcium carbonate powder in a small Micro Mill?
Calcium carbonate within 200 mesh can be used in various feed additives, calcium content is more than 55.6, no harmful ingredients. About 250 mesh can be used as reinforcing or semi reinforcing effect, and the hardness can be adjusted by changing the amount of calcium carbonate; it is mainly used in plastics factory, rubber factory, coating plant, waterproof material factory and interior and exterior wall painting. 
Raymond mill
How to produce calcium carbonate powder by R Raymond Mill?
Raymond mill main engine working process is driven by a driving device axis, central shaft mounted grinding roller, grinding ring contact roller by centrifugal force and grinding, grinding roller and grinding ring is perpendicular to the ground, small gravel through the base of the shovel up into the grinding roller and grinding ring, crushed. The powder was crushed into the dust collector through the analysis machine on the top of Raymond mill. The analysis machine is like a fan, which is made up of blades. The adjustment of the rotating speed will make the dust passing through different fineness. The qualified powder is taken to the powder collector through the air duct. Unqualified (coarse particles) can not pass through the blade of the analyzer, fall back to Raymond mill main machine, continue milling.
Clirik 4R3216 Raymond mill is a model of R series Raymond mill. It is a kind of micro powder milling equipment with ring and roller milling combined with airflow screening and pneumatic conveying. It is the traditional Raymond mill. Clirik made a series of improvements to the model, with dry continuous milling, with Characteristic
 that the particle size distribution is concentrated, fineness continuous adjustable, compact structure and so on.

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