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Fine powder grinding machine can process hard materials?2017-12-05

Fine powder grinding machine is used to process ultrafine powder, but if the material has high hardness, and want to make ultrafine powder, can Fine powder grinding machine process?

In fact, the function of ultra-fine mill is very powerful, can process thousands of materials, such as metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining and other mineral materials. In addition, as long as non-flammable and explosive mineral materials has hardness below Mohs' class 7, with humidity less than 6%, it can also use Fine powder grinding machine.
Fine powder grinding machine
Although there is a very wide range of application of Fine powder grinding machine, but there are also noteworthy problems. Because most of the material processed by the ultra-fine mill is ore and other high hardness materials, it will certainly wear parts of the mill. Therefore, in the process of using, we must do a good job on the maintenance of ultrafine mill, let it always remain in the best working condition, in order to create greater economic benefits. 
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