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Requirements Grinding Mill to Process Ores Materials Into 2500 Mesh2018-03-17

It could not be better to use micro powder grinding mill to process ores. Recent days, some customers have inquired about ores powder processing machine with capacity 10 tons per day and finished size 2500 mesh. Well, what are the requirements for micro powder grinding mill to process ores into 2500 mesh?

grinding mill

The micro powder grinding mill production line to process ores generally includes impact crusher, classifier, powder collector, dust cleaner, blower, muffler, sound-proof room, bucket elevator, storage hopper and vibrating feeder.
As for the requirements, firstly, we should adjust the rotation speed of classifier. The finished powder fineness is mainly controlled by classifier. We can adjust the width of classifier blade according to the predetermined fineness requirements so as to obtain qualified product fineness. The higher the rotation speed, the finer the finished powder. That is to say, we could adjust the fineness through the adjustment to the rotation speed of classifier.

grinding mill

Secondly, we should pay more attention to the gap between grinding roller and ring. The powder grinding production is realized by the grinding between the grinding roller and ring. The gap between them is the fineness that raw materials can be reached. Therefore we adjust the gap between the roller and ring to alter the finished size of materials.

Thirdly, to adjust the blast capacity and wind speed of blower. All users familiar with micro powder grinding mill know that, the blast capacity and speed of blower will directly influence the fineness of product, because the powder transportation and collection in powder grinding system are all realized by the wind capacity provided by the blower. The larger the blast capacity, the bigger the wind speed. We should properly control the blast capacity and wind speed to obtain the perfect fineness and output.

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