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Emergency: Maintenance of Wearing parts of Dolomite Ultra-fine Grinding Mill2018-05-17

Dolomite ultra-fine grinding Mill is one of the most important equipment in dolomite milling production. And as for milling process, the wearing degree of worn parts such as grinding roller, grinding ring and blade has direct effect to the quality of dolomite milling. Therefore, giving to the machine’s efficient operation, it is important to make maintaining for the wearing parts of Dolomite ultra-fine grinding mill.
There are five suggestions for the maintenance of this mill in the following.
1.Making the equipment maintenance in time and regularly. Meanwhile, inspecting and changing the wearing parts (grinding roller, grinding ring and blade) in time. This is especially important for the machine’s grinding roller. Make sure that the inspection for screws connection is guaranteed. And do not forget the lubricating work.
2.Make sure that the grinding bearing of  the mill works well. The bearing is a crucial part of this machine. This inquires us to lubricate it regularly, so as to lower its fabrication.
3.Adjusting the analyzer of mill properly, because the materials it process is different in hardness, moisture and fineness.
4.When the mill has worked for more than 500 hours, the new grinding roller should be replaced in time.
5.After this mill has been used for a period of time, the grinding roller, grinding ring and blade should be carefully examined.
In general, we must pay attention to the maintenance of vulnerable parts for the sake of stable production efficiency.


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