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Application of Calcium Carbonate Powder Coatings2018-07-02

In the coating, calcium carbonate powder can be used as a white pigment, which acts as a skeleton, and calcium carbonate can be used as an extender pigment in the coating industry.

Since the calcium carbonate is white in color, it is relatively inexpensive in the coating relative to the latex, and the particles are fine and can be evenly dispersed in the paint. Therefore, it is an extensively used body pigment. Due to the advancement in environmental awareness, a large amount of water-based paints have been used in construction, and calcium carbonate is white and hydrophilic, and the price is low, so it has been applied. Filling with calcium carbonate enhances the build-up and penetration of the primer on the surface of the substrate. Putty in the paint is used to fill the base surface, is the middle layer of the overall coating, no matter what putty need to add a lot of filler, putty filler body is heavy calcium carbonate, and then add a small amount of zinc oxide white to increase the viscosity to avoid Lacquer layer is loose, and precipitated calcium carbonate is properly taken in for dry grinding.

In thick paints, calcium carbonate thickens and thickens the paint, acting as a filling and filling effect. Therefore, heavy calcium carbonate and light calcium carbonate are usually added in thick paint, and heavy calcium carbonate can be added to 24.6%-78.5%.

In finish paints, that is, in finish paints, semi-gloss and matt paints are to be increased by using extender pigments, and calcium carbonate is the ideal matting filler.

Calcium carbonate can be used as one of the additives in a colorful paint to play its role, reaching both the purpose of reducing the cost of the data and improving the decorative effect. In the colorful coatings available light calcium carbonate, precipitated calcium carbonate, its oil absorption is about 80%, particle size is about 15 microns, specific gravity is about 2.7, refractive index is about 1.60. It can also be ground with heavy calcium carbonate (calcite powder), which is naturally produced from marble.

In the metal anti-rust coating, calcium carbonate is an extender pigment and has a little rust prevention effect. The proper amount of calcium carbonate in the metal anti-rust coating is 30%. 


How to make calcium carbonate powder?

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