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Clirik Grinding Mill Maintenance Method2018-07-09

grinding mill maintenance method 

Clirik Grinding Mill Maintenance Method:

  1. Clean the grinding mill in time: The residual material in the grinding mill can not be avoided in the fuselage. The cleaning work should not only be done carefully. The mechanical parts need to be cleaned inside and outside, and the body, grinding ring, motor, belt and gear should be fully inspected.

  2. Check the screws of each part: Due to the long-term use, it is inevitable that the screws of various parts of the fuselage will loosen and fall. Please be careful when checking.

  3. The grinding mill usually fault record, in each inspection should pay attention to whether the same problem has occurred, so as to avoid large problems in the fuselage.

  4. Regularly maintain the whole machine, and replace the necessary parts according to the instructions.
Friends who are using the mill equipment, have you done maintenance on the mill? If you want the horse to run fast, it is impossible to keep the horse from eating grass. Only regular maintenance of the machine can extend the life.

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