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Common Types Of Grinding Mills2018-08-21

    The mill is widely used in the grinding and processing of building materials, chemicals, metallurgy, mining and other fields. According to the hardness of the milled materials, the mill for processing ore is divided into several different models. When you must distinguish the performance and characteristics of the equipment, what are the characteristics of common ore mills?

    In the ore milling industry,there are several common grinding mills as like:Raymond Mill, Ultrafine Grinding Mill, Vertiacl Mill, Hammer Mill...etc.


Raymond Mill.jpg
    Raymond Mill is the oldest mill, and it is one of the earliest models in milling equipment. So far, the market share in the milling line is very large. After the upgrade of Coleridge, Raymond Compared with the old-fashioned milling equipment, the grinding rate is up to 99%. The new Raymond mill uses a centralized control system.

Ultrafine grinding mill.jpg 
    Ultrafine Grinding Mill is also called ultra-fine grinding machine. This kind of grinding equipment can grind the material with higher hardness. It can be well ground for materials with Mohs hardness below 9.3. The ultra-fine mill can achieve a maximum fineness of about 3,500 mesh, and the fineness can be adjusted freely between 0.613 mm and 0.33 mm, and the adaptability is stronger.

hammer mill.jpg 
    Hammer Mill is also called European version of the mill .This mill is a relatively large mill equipment, the design principle is based on the advanced technology of the European mill, after the European version of the mill has been improved, the energy loss of this mill equipment is less The efficiency will be higher and it belongs to large-scale grinding equipment.

Vertical Grinding Mill.jpg 
    Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill is also called ultra-fine grinding or micro-grinding. Under the same fineness condition, micro-grinding can process a variety of materials. The price is less than that of the traditional mill. The fineness of the finished product can reach 3,000 mesh, and the production process is less. Suitable for ultrafine powder processing enterprises.

    Coarse Grinding Mill is a new type of grinding equipment developed on the basis of traditional grinding equipment. It can be used to process fine sand. The material used for processing and discharging is the best grinding material for building materials. The machine solves some requirements for users to process mixes below 3mm.

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