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800-2500 calcite limestone grinding mill for the plastics industry2015-05-04

Limestone and calcite contain rich calcium mineral, calcium carbonate range is quite wide, it is undeniable. Limestone and calcite after deep processing by grinding mill, can get heavy calcium carbonate. According to the fineness of its different applications different areas in which the plastics industry is generally applied fineness 800-2500 mesh, called Three fly powder.


Processing limestone, calcite for so fine powder, is now able to achieve a relatively small device.

HGM series micro powder grinding mill can mill calcite limestone into 2500 mesh, the smallest up to 3250 mesh. And the highest capacity can get 30 t/h. For higher capacity we have vertical roller mill for your choice, which yield is relatively improved, and is combined with the needs of the modern market and decide, with environmental protection and energy saving Features.


Limestone calcite superfine powder grinding mill processing procedures, first use the ore crusher for crushing, crushing to meet the grinding mill input size before entering the mill after grinding feed size. After the material crusher after which the hoist to the hopper, and then by feeder to evenly continuously fed quantitatively the grinding mill for grinding interior, after grinding limestone calcite wind blowing, the separator classification. In line with the fineness of the powder with the air through pipes into the new isolate powder cyclone plot device, it is separated and collected, refined flour through a gate into the powder warehouse by the delivery device. The processing feed size of limestone calcite 800-2500 ultrafine micro powder grinding mill machine 20mm and output size can be properly adjusted.


Currently 800-2500 limestone and calcite have been widely used in various industries, including plastics, chemicals, building materials, paints and cosmetics life. The processing equipment are endless, currently developed by Shanghai Clirik Machinery build micro powder grinding mill and vertical roller mill have been successfully applied to a number of manufacturers. Shanghai Clirik Machinery, grinding mill for sale. You are welcome to visit our factory and processing site.


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