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3 roller mill for sale in Pakistan2019-12-20

We supply 3 roller mill in Pakistan. According to the number of grinding rollers, Raymond mill models can be roughly divided into 3R Raymond mills, 4R Raymond mills, 5R Raymond mills, 6R Raymond mills, etc., where R refers to the Raymond mill roller The previous number represents the number of grinding rollers.

3 roller mill-raymond mill
3 roller mill-raymond mill

Pakistan's mining situation

Pakistan's geological structure is relatively complicated, and its mineral resources are relatively rich. There are more than 1,000 proven mineral resources. Although Pakistan has not yet discovered a major deposit of world significance, its potential is relatively large in terms of its geological environment. The proven reserves of natural gas, petroleum, coal, iron, aluminum, marble, chromium, copper, granite, and gemstones are relatively large. Among them, natural gas chromium ore and marble are the most mined and the quality is relatively high. Copper mines have also begun to enter the mining stage. In recent years, as Pakistan has increased its exploration of minerals, it has also discovered gold, silver, lead, zinc and other varieties. .

Pakistan's mineral resources are relatively abundant. These mineral capacities provide important and basic raw materials for Pakistan's national economic construction. Exploitation and utilization can save the country a large amount of outsourced funds. Therefore, the Pakistani government attaches great importance to the development of its mineral resources. Due to the limitations of exploration and mining technology and the lack of funds, most of the mineral deposits are currently in an undeveloped state. In order to make these minerals play their due role as soon as possible, the Pakistani government intends to use foreign investment for development and has formulated some policies to encourage foreign investment. Although certain policies are not sufficiently open and favorable, the mineral rights protection is in place and the conditions for exploration are in place. Relatively lenient, with a high degree of freedom, coupled with the fact that Pakistan ’s mining industry has not yet formed a climate for foreign capital to compete, local governments and people are welcoming foreigners to invest in mining, and the conditions for opening are relatively low. Therefore, Pakistan ’s mineral mining industry is A more promising industry

3 Roller Mill-3R Raymond mill

3R Raymond Mill is a representative of the small and medium-sized Raymond Mill in the Raymond Mill family. The 3R Raymond Mill is mainly composed of a host, an analyzer, a fan, a finished cyclone separator, a fine powder cyclone separator and an air duct. The main unit consists of a frame, an air inlet volute, a shovel, a grinding roller, a grinding ring, and a cover.

When the 3R Raymond mill works, the material to be crushed is added into the machine from the feeding hopper on the side of the machine casing, and it revolves around the vertical axis while relying on the grinding roller device suspended on the main frame of the host machine, while rotating itself. The centrifugal force swings the grinding roller outwards and presses it tightly against the grinding ring, so that the shovel scrapes the material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and achieves the purpose of crushing the material due to the rolling and rolling of the grinding roller.

3R small Raymond mill refers to the assembly of three grinding rollers in the main body of the Raymond mill. According to the specifications of the grinding roller and the ring, the 3R mill can be divided into 3R1410 Raymond mill, 3R2115 mill, and 3R2615 Raymond mill, 3R2715 Raymond mill, 3R3016 Raymond mill, the above several specifications of the mill belong to the 3R mill, the fineness of the crushed materials and crushed materials are the same The difference is the power of the mill and the throughput per hour. 3R small Raymond mill is generally used for small-scale flour mills, some chemical raw material additives and some refractory materials crushing processing.

3R small Raymond mill is generally used for small-scale grinding mills, some chemical raw material additives and some refractory materials crushing processing. 

3R small Raymond mill is suitable for grinding and processing of mineral materials such as metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mines, etc. It can grind quartz, feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, fluorite, rare earth, marble, ceramics, bauxite , Manganese ore, iron ore, copper ore, phosphate ore, iron oxide red, zircon sand, slag, water slag, cement clinker, activated carbon, dolomite, granite, garnet, iron oxide yellow, bean cake, chemical fertilizer, compound Fertilizer, fly ash, bituminous coal, lignite, lignite, chrome oxide green, gold ore, red mud, clay, kaolin, coke, coal gangue, porcelain clay, kyanite, fluorite, bentonite, maifanite, rhyolite Rock, turbidite, pyrophyllite, shale, amethyst, chlorite, diatomite, basalt, gypsum, graphite, silicon carbide, insulation materials, etc. Mohs hardness is below 9.3, humidity is below 6% Processing of combustible and explosive mineral materials.

Advantages of 3 Roller Mill

1. Small size and light weight, so installation is very convenient.
2. It has strong applicability to materials, and can be used for various non-flammable and explosive mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 9.3.
3. The fineness of the finished powder of this series of mills is uniform, and the pass rate is 99%, which cannot be achieved by some other milling equipment.
4. The grinding rollers and grinding rings are made of the most wear-resistant materials at present, with long replacement cycles, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources.

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