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1200-1800 meshes of ultrafine limestone grinding mill2015-05-15

With the continuous development of industrial grinding mill industry, the introduction of large-scale industrial grinding mill production lines, advanced milling technology grinding mill equipment quickly into the country internationally. 80 mesh, 100 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 1000 mesh, 1250 mesh, 2500 mesh, 3250 mesh size, etc. is more commonly used, over 1000 mesh grinding mill equipment in the country rarely reach, and Shanghai Clirik create a ultrafine grinding mill specialized for the processing of ultrafine powders, particle size can reach 25 mesh.


1200-1800 meshes limestone ultrafine  grinding mill can be used in the chemical industry, such as rubber industry, plastics industry, as well as pvc manufacturing and other industries, these industries in the fineness of lime powder is relatively high. Ultrafine grinding mill can process limestone, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, barite, talc, gypsum, quartz, bentonite, etc., can be processed into ultra-fine powder. Lime powder ultrafine mill mainly by the host, analysis machine, plumbing fixtures, fans, according to user needs can be equipped with crushers, hoist, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electric motors and other components. Typically the material into a uniform continuous fine grinding the grinding chamber, the centrifugal force due to the rotation, the roller swings outward, pressed on the grinding ring, shovel blade materials sent between the roller and grinding ring, because of wear rolling roller to achieve the purpose of crushing. After grinding material, grinding machine circulating air into the wind analysis machine for sorting, fine through coarse material Luo will be re-grinding, qualified powder which flows into the finished product cyclone powder collector through a powder discharge pipe, It is finished.


Shanghai Clirik Machinery as grinding mill production experts enterprise, which engaged in research and production of ultra-fine powder equipment for twenty years, the processing limestone and other mineral powder ranging from 80-2500 mesh, high degree of automation, energy saving and environmental protection, but also can achieve more than one machine Liberal regulation of different fineness. Limestone superfine powder processing can click our online customer service, we will be detailed to answer your questions!


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