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How to Adjust Ultrafine Mill Processing Fineness2015-06-02

According to the technical parameters of Ultrafine Mill. we can know the equipment working range between 300-3000 mesh. Users can adjust the fineness as they demand. For fineness adjustment of the equipment, a lot of people are confused with how to adjust processing fineness.
There are two ways to adjust it. One way is by adjusting the rotational speed of the equipment. As we know, the faster the speed of grinding equipment,the poorer effect, and the fineness of the lower; on the contrary, the slower speed, the higher fineness.
The other way is by adjusting the rotational speed of the fan. The fan speed is higher, it can blow the greater particle materials and the lowder fineness; Conversely, slower speed, smaller material particles, the higher fineness.
However, for Ultrafine Mill grinding fineness adjusting is not simply adjust speed or fan, it is need professionals to debug. So if the user needs to regulate the fineness of discharge, they should contact with the Ultrafine mill manufacturers. 

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