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800-1000 mesh Special calcite grinding mill-ultrafine grinding mill2015-12-18

Clirik Machinery devoted to produce ultrafine grinding mill for many years, the introduction of advanced technology for the renovation and updating equipment.

Calcite is a distributed more widely used as a calcium carbonate mineral, various provinces and cities in our country are distributed. Calcite generally appear white or colorless, sometimes because of which contain impurities of different and colorful, calcite cleavage completely, Mohs hardness of 3, is easy grinding mill of ore.

Extensive use of calcite powder, can be used in artificial stone, synthetic rubber, paints, plastics, cables, paper, toothpaste, cosmetics, glass, pharmaceuticals, paints, inks, insulation materials, food, textile, feed, adhesives, sealants, asphalt , building materials, fire ceiling and household chemical products as filler, and thus subject to a number of producers concerned.

A wide range of applications in industrial production, such as paper-making technology emerging calcite. With the continuous expansion of calcite range of applications, its fineness also have higher requirements, sometimes need to be processed into 800 mesh or more.


Due to the low hardness of calcite, so in terms of market application requirements for fineness of calcite on high, generally 800-1000 mesh, using an ordinary grinding mill machine is unable to reach the required fineness. But The ultrafine grinding mill machine can meet this requirement. Superfine powder grinding mill fineness can be freely adjusted between 400-3000 mesh. 1000 mesh abrasive materials can be to maximize production mill, to achieve the requirements of high-yield high fineness of 800 mesh for processing calcite is no problem.

Compared with the traditional mill, ultrafine grinding mill under the same conditions and other power production increased 10-20%, roller grinding mill pressure increase 800-1200kg materials under high pressure spring abrasive fuller.

Clirik ultrafine grinding mill machine is more advanced powder production line equipment, the device has a high yield, fineness, energy saving and environmental protection technology, we are welcoming to your visiting.We have developed different solutions for calcite powder grinding processing,

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