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which model of Diabase milling machine is better?2016-02-29

Diabase mainly composed of pyroxene and feldspar group, whose composition containing a small amount of olivine, biotite, quartz, apatite, magnetite, ilmenite and the like. Diabase different secondary minerals can be divided into olive diabase, quartz diabase containing zeolite, orthoclase etc., said alkaline diabase. Non-metallic mineral grinding in order to achieve the best results,the customer will choose the better grinding mill equipment, then we will tell you which what type of Diabase milling machine is better?

Diabase is the finest building materials and It is a good asphalt concrete gravel on the road, you can also use as a chemical adhesive powder, do stone building stone or process, is cast stone materials. Homogeneous, without cracks who do stone materials, fine preferred. In addition, the liner can also be used for a variety of devices and various types of parts such as connectors, casing, grate like. Clirik YGM and MTM raymond mill equipment is your best choice,production size can be adjusted in the 1-20t/h , feed size less than or equal 30mm, product fineness can be adjusted between 30-425 mesh. This raymond mill for grinding diabase obvious advantages, let's look at the following advantages:

1, high yield: yield in this series than the Pendulum Grinder 5R Raymond mill production was up more than 2.5 times, the device yield equivalent yield similar raymond milling equipment 6, low power consumption; lower yields power consumption is about 6 3/4 sets raymond milling equipment.

2, small footprint: In the Unit milling yield quite the case, covering the equivalent raymond 1/3, its investment is lower than six raymond mill, saving the plant, infrastructure and management costs investment.

3, energy saving and environmental protection: YGM raymond mill is equipped with a milling machine, more than air pulse bag filter, the dust collecting efficiency reached 99.9%, the host of all pressurized parts are made sealed, basically no dust processing plant.

4, equipment long life: wearing parts grinding roller and grinding ring may be high branded material to replace the original high-manganese steel, whose service life is three to five times the original high-manganese steel, improve the reliability of the equipment.

YGM raymond roller mill has so many advantages in working with the grinding diabase can have an enormous economic value, good equipment for powder processing industry is undoubtedly the best guarantee profit. We suggest that the majority of customers in the selection of equipment do not choose cheap and poor quality equipment, but this will result in greater losses.The quality of Large manufacturers, big brands is more reliable.

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