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Clirik coal grinding mill2019-03-23

In recent years, with the increasing shortage of high-quality coking coal resources, coke prices continue to rise, and the economic effects of coke and blast furnace injection coal are becoming more and more obvious. In order to reduce production costs, blast furnace coal injection technology is in the iron and steel smelting process. Increasingly, it plays an increasingly important role in saving the smelting costs of the steel industry. The pulverized coal injection technology can also be applied to the cement industry. The pulverized coal is used as the fuel for heating the hot blast stove. While providing the heat source, the combination of the ash after the pulverized coal combustion and the mineral powder for the production of cement changes the cement. The chemical properties greatly increase the strength and corrosion resistance of the cement.

The blast furnace injection pulverized coal grinding system is the main technical factor affecting the efficiency of coal injection milling, which determines the coal ratio. Under normal circumstances, the design of medium-speed coal mill is compatible with the blast furnace plan coal injection ratio and pig iron production. If the coal quality is hard and the internal factors of the coal mill cannot reach the predetermined value, the blast furnace coal injection ratio is It will be very low. In the coal grinding process, the medium speed coal mill has two sets of relatively moving grinding parts. The grinding parts are pressed and milled by the spring force, hydraulic pressure or other external force, and finally broken into coal. Powder; the pulverized coal powder is smashed into the air ring chamber by the rotation of the grinding part, and the hot air flow flowing through the air ring chamber brings the pulverized coal to the pulverized coal separator in the upper part of the medium speed coal mill, and the coarse coal The powder is separated and re-grinded. In the process, the hot air is accompanied by the drying of the pulverized coal. At the same time, a small amount of stones and irons entrained in the raw coal are thrown into the air ring chamber, and they fall into the air. The glove box is regularly discharged, and the medium speed coal mill can provide a very suitable auxiliary material coal powder for the blast furnace ironmaking system. With the development of the milling and coal injection technology, the medium speed coal mill has a small footprint, low power consumption, low metal consumption, low metal wear, and small coal consumption.

The low -speed , reasonable structure, sturdy and durable, and easy maintenance of the Clirik medium-speed coal mill have been widely used in steel and cement industries. As a cornerstone in the two industry milling systems, medium-speed coal grinding The importance of the machine is self-evident. In 2015, the large-scale medium-speed coal mill of Clirik was hit hard. The equipment was crushed, dried, ground, powdered and transported, especially in the large-scale grinding process, which fully met the customer's needs. The economic indicators have reached the international advanced level. In the energy saving and emission reduction action, the speed mill is a good helper for the injection coal market, increasing production, greatly reducing the overall energy consumption level of the enterprise, and saving production costs, thus promoting the stable and rapid development of coal processing enterprises.

Medium speed coal mill


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