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Application Areas of Gypsum Powder Plant2018-01-30

Industrial by-product gypsum powder is from that gypsum block is calcined, crushed and grinded, Its main areas of application include the building materials and construction industry, chemical industry and agriculture:

1, Building gypsum powder: It is mainly used as anhydrite cement and cementitious material. It is used as flux and purifying agent in glass production process and used as filler in industrial production of plastic, rubber, paint, asphalt and linoleum.
Application Areas of Gypsum Powder Plant
Gypsum powder used in concrete products is mainly to improve frost resistance, chemical resistance and stability of the cement. Gypsum powder is one of the five gel materials used as a portland cement retarder in the concrete industry. In cement clinker, people add appropriate amount of gypsum (the maximum allowable incorporation of SO3 in our country is 3.5%, the general amount of cement manufacturers mixed is 2% ~ 2.5%; CaSO4 · 2H2O SO3 theoretical content of 56.34%) can be lifted Cement quick-setting, improve the cement strength (especially the early strength), so that cement products in the air shrinkage decreased by 30% to 50%, greatly improving the cement frost resistance, chemical resistance and stability.
2, power plant desulfurization gypsum powder: With the rapid economic development in China and the emphasis on environmental protection in recent years, power plant desulfurization has become a power plant necessary  process, resulting in a large number of desulfurization gypsum. Currently the most technologically mature desulfurization process in the world is lime, limestone-gypsum, limestone-gypsum, desulfurization of limestone powder, and by-product gypsum.
3, agriculture: the role of gypsum powder applied to agriculture is mainly reflected in the improvement of soil, as a fertilizer and poultry feed and so on:
a: Improve the soil, adjust the pH, suitable for saline soil, red soil and other soil improvement.
b: edible mushroom cultivation for calcium and sulfur compound mineral fertilizer, adjust the medium pH.
c: poultry, livestock feed used as a compound mineral feed additives.
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