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Powder selection system of grinding mill2020-04-20

In powder processing, the grinding mill is the most important production equipment in the powder processing production process, and the powder selection system is a very important part of the grinding mill equipment.

For the HGM series of fine powder grinding mills produced by Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd., a turbo classifier is used to screen the powder. The main structure includes a bearing housing, a housing, a large top cover plate, a motor base, a spindle, Shrouds, impellers, etc., when the equipment is running, the ground powder is sent to the classifier for sieving through the wind system, and some special materials will even be sieved in the powder selection system to achieve the target fineness.
powder selection system of grinding mill

The development of modern process technology requires that raw materials and products in powder state should have fine and uniform particle size and the lowest possible pollution degree. The deep processing of these powder materials mainly uses ultrafine crushing and ultrafine precision classification technology. Powder preparation technology is an emerging cross-industry discipline, which is the result of modern high-tech development. There are various methods for preparing powder, one of which is to crush massive materials into ultrafine powders by mechanical methods. The size range, so the method has low cost and can be adapted to large-scale industrial production. It has attracted the attention of various countries and has become the most commonly used method in powder preparation technology. The powder selection system directly affects the output and quality of powder production, so it is highly valued by mill manufacturers.

For Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd's vertical-type mill, the powerful turbine classification system ensures high-efficiency and precise powder classification, and ensures uniform particle size of the finished product. Generally speaking, when the same mill equipment is used to grind different materials, due to the different moisture content, hardness, and material composition of the materials, the fineness and uniformity of the powder obtained by the grinding roller will be very different. The finer the target particle size, the lower the pass rate of the finished product in the sorting system, so the lower the output. The high-efficiency milling system and powder selection system of the vertical-swing mill make the powder processing efficiency greatly improved, the energy consumption greatly reduced, and the product quality is guaranteed.

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