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Vietnamese User Case: Calcium Carbonate CLUM Superfine Vertical Mill2020-07-03

As we know that Vietnam is rich in high-quality calcium carbonate, mainly small calcite calcium carbonate, with high calcium content and high whiteness, suitable for the production of PE and PP masterbatch. Therefore, Vietnam's powder factories are very competitive, and the low-end calcium carbonate market is approaching saturation. Against this background, some calcium carbonate manufacturers in Vietnam are seeking higher quality and high value-added calcium carbonate powder production equipment. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd's CLUM ultra-fine vertical mill is the first choice for high-quality calcium carbonate production. The CLUM ultra-fine vertical mill with larger production capacity, better powder selection quality and more comprehensive performance helps customers to enter the advanced calcium carbonate powder manufacturing industry.

Vietnam calcium carbonate CLUM superfine vertical mill
1. Customer Information

This customer is a very strong calcium carbonate enterprise in Vietnam. It integrates calcium carbonate development, powder deep processing and sales. It has many modern powder deep processing and masterbatch production automated production lines built according to European standards. The produced calcium carbonate powder, masterbatch and other related products have high grade and stable powder quality. Relying on the support of relevant national policies and export policies, the products are sold to neighboring countries such as India and Bangladesh, and also exported to Japan and Part of Europe.

2. Project Overview

Material: calcium carbonate

Capacity: 4 tons/hour

Discharge: 1250 mesh

Equipment configuration: CLUM1125 ultra-fine vertical mill

Uses: ultrafine powder processing

3. Project advantages

➤ Product quality advantage

①High-quality manufacturing process makes the service life of the machine more than 20 years;

②The core castings are provided by imported suppliers, and the quality and performance are more stable;

③The main gear box adopts Taiwan design concept, with stable and mature market application experience. In addition, the gear system uses equal-depth gear sets with excellent performance, with a six-layer lubrication and protection system, combined with the system's chain combination to ensure the ultra-long service life of the gear box;

④Using super heat-resistant alloy steel for grinding roller and lining plate;

⑤The classifier blades adopt imported wear-resistant plates.

➤Technical advantages

①With the production capacity of a variety of powder processing equipment, more than 30 years of mechanical manufacturing experience, can provide a full range of technical support;

②The internal structure and system integration of CLUM ultrafine vertical mill, special design around ultrafine grinding and ultrafine powder selection, to ensure that the powder production process is more perfect;

③The most advanced electrical control system is adopted, and the first-line brand components are selected.

➤Finished product advantage

① The content of ultra-fine powder in the powder is high;

②The powder has good particle size;

③ Good dispersion of finished products;

④Low oil absorption.

➤ Operation and operation advantages

① Large capacity;

②Low power consumption;

③Low operating cost;

④Advanced control system to reduce labor cost;

⑤ Low maintenance rate.

4. Product introduction

CLUM ultra-fine vertical mill
CLUM ultra-fine vertical mill is a new type of ultra-fine grinding equipment independently designed by CLIRIK combined with many years of mill production experience, based on ordinary vertical mill, using the current advanced Taiwan grinding roller technology and German powder selection technology. CLUM ultra-fine vertical mill integrates ultra-fine grinding, grading and conveying, and is an ultra-fine powder-making equipment with excellent performance.

5. Product Overview

Feeding granularity: 0-10mm

Production capacity: 5-18 tons/hour

Applicable materials: limestone, calcite, dolomite, petroleum coke, gypsum, barite, marble, talc, coal powder, etc.

6. Product advantages

➤Higher yield and better quality

In order to avoid the problems of long material residence time, repeated grinding, and high iron content in the grinding process of traditional mills, CLIRIK has designed a unique roller sleeve and liner grinding curve, so that the yield of one-time grinding is high and greatly improved. The work efficiency, whiteness and clarity of the CLUM ultrafine vertical mill are described.

➤ Multi-head powder selection, more energy saving and more economical

CLUM ultra-fine vertical mill adopts PLC control system and multi-head powder selection technology, which completely solves the two major problems of "high-precision and accurate cutting of powder particle size and rapid switching of different production needs". Users can accurately control the grinding pressure and speed Compared with the working parameters of the equipment, the energy consumption of the machine is reduced by 30%-50% compared with the ordinary mill.

➤ Combined with double limit technology, the whole machine runs more stable

In the CLUM ultrafine vertical mill, the electronic sleeve technology and mechanical limit protection technology are used for the contact between the roller sleeve and the grinding disc liner. This technology can greatly avoid the destructive impact caused by the vibration of the machine body and ensure the operation of the machine. Stability.

➤ Reversible design, simple maintenance operation

The CLUM ultra-fine vertical mill fully considers the maintenance problems that the heavy grinding roller may bring, and develops and designs a reversible structure. This structure cooperates with the hydraulic adjustment system, and the operator can easily and quickly turn the grinding roller out of the casing for maintenance and replacement. Roller sleeves, liners and other maintenance operations reduce downtime losses.

➤ Digital processing, higher precision

CLIRIK has several CNC machine tool production lines, from steel plate cutting, bending, planing, milling to painting, which are all digitally controlled, with high processing accuracy, and some core components are accurate to a trace or even higher standards.

If you want to know more information and information about CLUM ultrafine vertical mill, please feel free to consult or leave a message online.

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