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What is the difference between a ball mill and a rod mill?2019-09-27

Both the ball mill and the rod mill are designed for grinding materials, but the same as the role of grinding materials, some people will ask why it is designed to be two kinds of mills. Is it not good to use only one kind of grinding machine to grind materials? This is to say from the difference between the ball mill and the rod mill.

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1. The fineness of the abrasive material is different.

The fineness of the material milled by the ball mill is generally between 0.074 and 0.4 mm. Only two small ball mills can grind the fine powder of fineness between 0.075 and 0.89 mm. The fineness of the material of the rod mill is in the fineness of the material. Between 0.833-0.147mm, from the point of view of the fineness of the materials polished by the two, the grinding of the ball mill is more fine, but the customers who meet the requirements of the product do not need to be very fine, the output must be large, obviously the rod mill is more suitable;

2. Different product quality

The quality of the products milled is different. The products of the ball mill are more refined. The products of the rod mill are rougher, but more uniform. Therefore, enterprises with higher requirements on material fineness generally recommend to purchase the ball mill, but the material fineness. In order to save costs and increase economic efficiency, companies that require less high prices are most suitable for purchasing rod mills;

3. Different uses

When tungsten ore or other rare metal ore beneficiation is magnetically selected or reselected, the rod mill is often used for re-election or magnetic separation lines due to excessive pulverization, and if there are two stages of grinding, rod grinding The machine is also often filled with the current front, taking over the first stage of grinding, the rod mill can also be used as a fine crusher instead of the short-head cone crusher, so the configuration is simple, the input cost is low, and the ball mill is prone to over-grinding due to the fine grinding material. , not suitable for re-election lines in metal beneficiation;

4. Different structural structure, suitable for different production requirements of materials

The ball mill is currently divided into a lattice type ball mill and an overflow type ball mill. The rod mill is divided into an overflow type rod mill and an open type rod mill. When the same material is ground for use in different industrial fields, it is required. The process is different, and the results are not the same.

rod mill micronizer

The above is the difference between the ball mill and the rod mill. I believe that by reading this article, there will be a clearer judgment in the process of selecting the ball mill and the rod mill in the future.

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