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How to Choose the Model of Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill2018-09-11

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How to choose the model of calcium carbonate grinding mill?

Calcium carbonate powder has different fineness, and the name of stone powder is not the same. For example, thousands of calcium carbonate powders become heavy calcium carbonate powder, and small fineness becomes light calcium carbonate powder. Each stone powder has different grain sizes. The model of the selected stone mill is also different.

To produce high-quality heavy calcium carbonate powder, we must first pay attention to the choice of heavy calcium carbonate raw materials, and also need to choose the appropriate heavy calcium processing equipment and process. At present, Raymond mill, high-pressure mill, vertical mill, etc. have realized their economic benefits to a certain extent, but with the development of modernization, problems such as pollution, energy consumption and efficiency come at any time. Therefore, it is necessary to select suitable equipment to achieve environmentally friendly economic development.

YGM Raymond mill,HGM superfine grinding mill and CLUM vertical ultrafine powder roller mill produced by Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. are all high-tech mill equipments on the market, which can achieve the effect of multi-purpose machine, allowing customers to choose according to their own calcium carbonate powder. Degree requirements, you can choose the required fineness, can process 50-3000 mesh, good automation and high efficiency. Regarding the specific production plan of heavy calcium carbonate, you can directly click on the online consultation and focus on the technical staff to answer!


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