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Reasons for choosing a CLUM vertical mill2018-12-18

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CLUM series ultrafine vertical roller grinding mill (vertical mill) is a technical problem that solves the technical problems of low output and high energy consumption of industrial grinding mills, absorbs advanced European technology and combines many years of advanced mill design and manufacture of Collierc Technology. Ideas and market demand, after years of painstaking design and improvement of large-scale grinding equipment.

CLUM series ultrafine vertical roller grinding mill improvement program:


1. Grinding system of CLUM vertical ultrafine mill

Mainly to improve the grinding efficiency and longevity of the vertical mill. The large vertical mill adopts double corrugated liner to reduce the wear of the steel ball to the lining, and the effect is remarkable, and the service life is increased by more than 30%.


2. Control system of CLUM vertical ultrafine mill

The vertical mill adopts PLC programmable control, which is convenient to debug, reliable in operation and simple in operation.

3. Bearing system of CLUM vertical ultrafine mill

The dynamic and static sliding bearing instead of the dynamic pressure sliding bearing effectively reduces the chance of the vertical grinding tile. It is characterized by the addition of a high-pressure oil circuit, a 120° line contact tile instead of a 180° spherical contact tile, a labyrinth seal instead of a felt seal, and a hollow shaft temperature measurement. Instead of new technologies such as temperature measurement of the tile body, the sliding bearing is safer, more reliable and more beautiful.

4. The transmission system of CLUM vertical ultrafine mill

The use of pneumatic clutch realizes the no-load starting of the vertical grinding main motor, which creates conditions for the vertical grinding large-scale design; the helical-toothed open gear transmission replaces the straight-toothed open gear transmission, which makes the transmission smoothness and service life significantly improved.

5. Lubrication system of CLUM vertical ultrafine mill

The high and low pressure lubrication system replaces the pure low pressure lubrication system to provide a more reliable lubrication for the vertical mill. When the vertical mill starts and stops, it provides high-pressure lubricating oil to achieve static pressure lubrication, forming an oil film of about 0.2 mm to ensure reliable bearing lubrication. The open gear spray lubrication system generates oil film on the surface of the gear at regular intervals to improve the lubrication state of the gear, which not only improves the life of the gear, but also improves the environment and reduces the consumption of oil.

6. Auxiliary system of CLUM vertical ultrafine mill

The use of the slow drive device and the jacking device facilitates the installation and maintenance of the vertical mill, the labor intensity of the maintenance work is reduced, and the working conditions are improved.

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