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Where does the noise of the ultra fine mill come from?2018-12-29

In the production of ultra-fine mills, the noise brought by the mill is an unsolved problem for mill operators. There are many factors that generate noise. Among them, vibration is one of the important reasons. How to reduce the noise in the production of the mill? The following are some common methods used by users.

Why does the ultra-fine mill produce vibration during production?

The main reason is that the grinding equipment is unbalanced during the manufacturing process and the machining error is caused, so noise is generated. In fact, the appearance of noise is related to many aspects, such as the material of the parts, the manufacturing and equipment, the structural design of the parts, the precision of the step positioning of the roller bearings, and so on.

In the face of these problems, how can we solve them? Only understand the causes and sources of noise generated by the mill and the milling equipment, and solve and improve them in a targeted manner.

First, reduce noise

There are two aspects to reduce the noise. First, the precision of the precise equipment must be accurately installed. The equipment of each component must be installed according to the requirements of the tolerance;

Second, good lubrication

Be sure to ensure good lubrication during use. In this way, the damping effect can be achieved, and at the same time, the rotation precision of the grinding roller and the design of the grinding roller bearing step can be improved, and the above two points can reduce the noise.

The vibration mentioned above is the most important cause of noise generated by large-scale mills and other mills. Some methods for solving vibrations are also proposed. In addition to this, the vibration of the feed structure, the spring, and the body can be solved. The body is mounted on a damping pad, which is the reason why the mill is so noisy!

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