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How to choose a regular ore grinding mill supplier?2019-01-26

Today, the editor wants to teach you a secret, that is how to choose a regular ore grinding mill supplier?

Nowadays, there are a lot of grinding mills on the market. Some suppliers may not produce a grinding mill at all, but they are also very popular, and even more so, they are directly shipped from other companies to achieve direct profit. Many customers encounter a variety of problems when choosing a grinding mill equipment. For example, some manufacturers seem to be well-publicized, but customers cannot go to the site for field visits. There is also a manufacturer, but can not see the mill, some are just small machines, conveyors or crushers. Or after the customer buys the mill, the manufacturer does not provide after-sales service and so on.
 ore grinding mill
These situations have been encountered by many customers, so how to identify the quality of the ore mill becomes a skill that customers need to master. Here, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Company, gives you several suggestions:
1. When the customer consults the mill equipment, it must be on-site inspection. If you don't understand it well, you can bring an insider together.
2. When you go to the field, you should see what the workers are doing. If you are producing the accessories of the mill and the grinding ring, you can basically conclude that the manufacturer you are inspecting is the agent sales of the mill. You can also consider buying, but then again, Xiaobian still recommends that customers who purchase mill equipment can directly choose the manufacturer, which is reliable.
3. If you purchase the mill equipment, the manufacturer can not provide after-sales service, and there is no relevant technical personnel. In this case, you must purchase the equipment of the agent. You can also contact Shanghai Kelirik Machinery Co., Ltd. , for paid after-sales service.
In fact, the emergence of these problems is two factors, one is because some of the informal manufacturers, and the second is because some customers have a coveted psychology, in fact, it brings losses to customers, buy mill equipment must be regular Professional manufacturers, when purchasing equipment, should also be carefully examined to prevent being deceived. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Company is a professional ore grinding machine manufacturer, which produces quality and perfect after-sales service for every mill machine. Welcome new and old customers to visit and purchase.
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