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Manufacturer tell you the repair method of the grinding mill2019-01-13

The grinding mill machine consists of grinding roller and grinding ring two core grinding machine parts to form a grinding cavity, which simulates the animal's two movements to complete the material grinding operation of the grinding machine. Therefore, the wear of the core mill accessories of the mill is relatively fast, and the middle and lower parts of the core mill accessories are particularly worn in the lower third, and the upper part is less worn. Wear of the core mill accessories will affect the efficiency of the mill. Therefore, it is necessary to repair the worn core mill accessories. The repair methods for the wear of the core components of the specific mill are as follows:

1. Sampling the materials. Sampling each batch of incoming materials, and found that the material properties have a large fluctuation, timely adjust the main parameters of the mill such as: clamp angle, eccentric shaft speed, output and motor power, etc. The materials are adapted to reduce the wear of the core mill accessories.

2. Do the fastening work when installing the core mill accessories. The newly installed core mill accessories should be tightened and ensure that the surface of the core mill accessories is in smooth contact with the body (moving and grinding rings). A plastic material such as lead plate, plywood or cement mortar can be placed between the two surfaces. The assembly requirements for the grinding roller and the grinding ring are that the tooth peak of one core mill accessory is aligned with the tooth groove of the other core mill accessory, ie the live grinding roller is in a basic meshing state with the fixed core mill accessory.

3. The core grinding machine accessories material should be a reasonable choice. Core mill accessories should use high hardness materials to resist extrusion micromachining failure; use materials with sufficient toughness to resist fatigue failure caused by chisel impact. At the same time, Shanghai Shibang has improved the tooth plate structure to reduce the relative activities of materials and tooth plates. Since the core mill accessories are usually made up-and-down symmetrical, the under-worn core mill accessories can be inverted for use during minor repairs. The large-scale flour mill core mill accessories are made up of several pieces that can be used with each other to extend the service life of the core mill accessories.

4. The surfacing method is used to restore the tooth shape. For the core mill accessories that have worn out, the surfacing method can be used to restore the tooth shape. Arc welding can be used for repair, or automatic submerged arc surfacing can be used. The repair of Mn13 cast steel core mill accessories, using special wear-resistant welding rods, the effect is better. The repair of non-Mn13 material core mill accessories can be surfacing by gas welding filled hard wire material, which can achieve better results.

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