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The Standard Configuration of Grinding mill Production Line2017-06-22

Grinding mill production line is made up of various equipment with its own features. And the configuration will be more and more standard. In the production process, every part has coordinated well, which makes the whole production line produce stably and high efficiently. What is the standard configuration of grinding mill production line?


Different grinding mill production line has different function. It is consisted of hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage hopper, vibrating feeder, main unit, inverter classifier, cyclone collector, pulse deduster system, high pressure positive blower, air compressors and electrical control systems.

When the grinding mill works, powder material are scattered around the circle periphery under centrifugal force and falls into the grinding ring raceway and shocked, rolled, ground by the ring roller. It turns into powder through three processes. The high pressure draught fan sucks the outer air into the engine, and bring the crushed materials into powder concentrator. The rotating impeller makes the rough material reground the standard fine powder come into whirlwind set powder and discharged by the lower discharge valve to become the finished products, while the air flow with small amount of fine dust are discharged through the fan and muffler after cleaning by pulse dust collector.

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