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Maintenance Work for Micro Powder Grinding Mill 2017-06-29

Micro powder grinding mill needs maintenance and upkeep, good maintenance work can not only avoid unnecessary failure but also guarantee the formal operation for micro powder grinding mill to the largest degree.


Actually, the maintenance work is so not complicated. 1.Keep your micro powder grinding mill running evenly without strong vibration. 2.When the micro powder grinding mill runs formally, the temperature rising of drive bearing, reduction gears and lubricating oil of main bearings should not over 55℃. 3.Steel balls should be added into your main unit timely according to the wear conditions. 4.Big and small gear should transmit evenly without abnormal noise. If it needs we should timely adjust the gap between big ones and small ones. Small gear should be upgraded if it wears seriously while big gear can be continuous used if we turn over it. 5.All lubricating oil should be sent out after your micro powder grinding mill continuously running for a month, clear it out, upgrade new lubricating oil. 6.The wearing lining plate bolt should be replaced so as to avoid the lining plate loose.

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