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Innovation, High pressure grinding mill2018-05-31

 High Pressure Grinding Mill is innovated on the basis of Raymond mill. Giving to the grinding materials, both the two machines have the ability to process nearly 100 kinds of materials, such as barite, marble and etc.. And you cannot even see the difference between them according to their appearances. If you ask the professional engineers about the difference, they may tell you that high pressure grinding mill is more advanced in technology than Raymond mill. So, now we will introcuce the specific innovation of high pressure mill.
The first improvement is embodied in the final powder fineness and the requirement of raw material’s particle size. The powder fineness of high pressure powder mill can reach between 40 and 425 mesh, and Raymond mill only can reach between 80 and 325 mesh. What’s more, the high pressure grinding mill can produce powder with 1000 mesh. It also has been improved for larger scale of input material’s particle size.
The second improved lays on the quality of their quick-wear parts. The high pressure device of this mill not serves for increasing the yield, but also extend the service life of the quick-wear parts. The unique high pressure device provides possibility for the close working between the roller and ring even if the operation reach the limit. However, this is not available by using Raymond machine.
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Clirik High Pressure Grinding Mill

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