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Ground Calcium Carbonate, Ultrafine grinding mill2018-06-07

 The paint vehicle is coated on the surface of the object to form a tough and continuous film. The raw materials used include grease, resin, fillers, pigments, additives and so on. The filler adopts heavy calcium powder, and the effect of heavy calcium powder in the paint is very large.
Heavy calcium is an important raw material in industry, and its function varies greatly according to the fineness of heavy calcium. Now the range of high fineness calcium carbonate is much wider in our country. It is not only used as an additive, but also used as a filling agent. The amount of calcium carbonate in architectural coatings and lacquers is increasing.
Calcium carbonate can be processed by calcium carbonate grinding machine. Calcium carbonate ores are usually rich in limestone, calcite, dolomite and so on. According to the different fineness of the application, lime grinding machine and high pressure grinding machine can be used to process calcium powder under 400 mesh. 400-1500 mesh calcium powder is processed by superfine grinding machine, and powder beyond 1500 mesh needs ultrafine grinding mill. Among these machines, the ultrafine grinding mill can achieve the satisfying high demand for powder fineness.
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