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Practical suggestions of high pressure grinding mill for non-professionals 2018-06-13

 The high pressure grinding mill is mainly composed of an analytical machine, a motor, a main engine and a blower. Because of the long-term and efficient operation, the equipment will inevitably have some problems. These problems have caused a lot of trouble to many customers.
One of the common malfunctions of the high pressure grinding mill is the abnormal noise and big vibration in the operation of the equipment. In this case, the operation staff need to cut off the power in time, and then check the quantity of the material. If the quantity is too large, removing it in time. It is found that the wear and tear of the accessories are common problems and these parts have to be replaced regularly.
During the operation of the high pressure grinding mill, it is possible that the main current and the machine temperature will rise, while the current of the fan will decrease. Once there is such a fault, we must first cut off the power supply in time. Then we should reduce the amount of feed, dredge the accumulated materials and increase the air intake for solving the abnormal temperature of the high pressure mill.
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