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What caused Raymond mill crash?2018-07-23

The phenomenon of Raymond mill crash is caused by blockage in many cases, and the mill cannot operate normally. If the blockage is severe, the motor will be burned, which will have a great impact on production.

In order to avoid the phenomenon of Raymond mill crash, we must pay attention to the following problems during normal operation:

1. The grinding machine can not be fed too much in the normal work. Suddenly, the feeding is too small. The uniform feeding mill is always grinding, and the materials are kept going out.

2. The grinding machine installation circuit must be equipped with the power distribution cabinet to ensure The normal operation of the circuit;

3, the lower pressure valve at the position of the discharge port can not be lifted up, the upward return of the wind will bring the material inside the dust collector into the working chamber, which is also easy to cause the machine to block, no discharge s reason.

When the Raymond mill is in normal operation, the feed port draws air into the inside, and the material is continuously stopped. Raymond mill uses the hanging roller to compact the air to achieve the pulverizing effect. Once the material is cut once, it is powdered, and the fineness is adjusted between 80-400 mesh. The link sealing requirements of Raymond mill pipe are very strict, there is no place for air leakage, and the sealed type environmentally friendly grinding equipment.

Raymond mill

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