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Raymond Mill Common Faults And Exclusion Method2018-07-26

Raymond mill

Raymond mill is a very common machine in the mill. Today we will introduce some common faults and troubleshooting methods of Raymond mills.

Fault 1: no powder or low yield
Causes: 1, the locker is not adjusted well, the seal is not strict, causing the powder to suck; 2, the blade wears a large material shovel can not afford; 3, the pipeline is blocked.
Remedy: 1. Check and adjust the seal of the locker and find that the leak should be blocked. 2. Replace the new blade.

Fault 2: The finished powder is too thick or too fine
Causes: 1. The blade of the analyzer is seriously worn and cannot be graded. 2. The fan volume is not suitable.
Remedy: 1. Replace the blade and properly close the air intake of the small fan to solve the over-thickness; 2. If it is too thin, the air volume of the air inlet should be increased.

Fault 3: The host current rises, the machine temperature rises, and the fan current drops.
Cause: The feed is excessive, the air passage is blocked by the powder, the pipe exhaust is not smooth, the circulating air heat causes the main current to rise, the machine temperature rises, and the fan current decreases.
Remedy: 1. Reduce the amount of feed and remove the accumulated air from the duct; 2. Open the large air duct valve, and the humidity of the incoming material is controlled below 6 percent.

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