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How efficient is the bucket elevator?2018-11-11

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Bucket elevator use range

Each product has its own function and range of use, so good products will be used in a wider range of applications, and for our bucket conveyors, their use and use in continuous use and update. It is also constantly expanding, now let's take a look at what their specific scope of use is!


Bucket elevator used in Raymond mill production line

In the future development process, bucket conveyors will also be carried out towards a large-scale development model. This large-scale machinery is mainly reflected in the following three aspects: their super-large conveying capacity; the second is that they are large. The length of the single machine; the latter point is their large conveying inclination. For some conveyors, their own length has exceeded 440 kilometers, and for other styles of conveyors, their stand-alone length is already 15 kilometers, so the development of bucket conveyors in the future is also More serious. The exploration and development of long distance and large volume will make the development of bucket conveyors more perfect.

The bucket conveyors are now used on sunny days and at moderate temperatures. They will be used in the future at high or low temperatures. In some harsh environments, we will also see buckets. The figure of the conveyor, for example, works in some corrosive, flammable, radioactive environments, and there are many forms for conveying materials, such as explosive or easy to agglomerate or relatively sticky materials. They can all be done using them.

Good machinery is not only used in a wider range, but also very low in terms of the cost of the machine itself. In the future, the consumption of low energy consumption will be another development direction.

What is the difference between a bucket elevator and an ordinary elevator?

Nowadays, in many working environments, when the material needs to be transported, it will be applied to the bucket elevator, because its conveying method is quite special, and there are many differences between some ordinary hoists. We should understand this, the general conveyor The types mainly include belt conveyors and screw conveyors, etc. Most of them are horizontal, and the way of conveying is also the use of belts and rollers and motors to achieve horizontal transmission, the transmission effect is still very good, and The experience it brings is also good, and everyone agrees on this approach.

One of the characteristics of the bucket elevator is that it is quite special in the conveying direction. Most of the applications are in the vertical direction or some conveying environment with a large inclination, and the material to be conveyed is also some granular materials or some broken materials, and the efficiency of transportation. It is still relatively high, and it is also a widely used vertical conveying equipment. This vertical conveying efficiency is relatively high, and it is equipped with some driving devices to make our conveying efficiency very high.

Of course, because of the difference in the way of transportation, it also has its own unique limitations. First of all, the bucket elevator is reduced in the vertical direction compared with the ordinary hoist. The space is occupied and the material is transported in a special way. The current design The mode is also relatively new, so it is better to prevent the throwing effect, everyone agrees this.

Another feature when using the bucket elevator to transport materials is that the same height is only used when the conveyor is used, which greatly improves the efficiency of transportation and saves production costs.

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