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Preparation Technology and Process of Heavy Calcium Carbonate by CLIRIK Grinding Mill2018-11-17


Preparation technology and process of heavy calcium carbonate by CLIRIK grinding mill:


1. Applicable ore and raw materials Calcium carbonate, calcium oxide (lime), limestone, calcite, marble and other calcium carbonate ore and various non-metallic minerals

2. Finished product fineness range 0-3mm, 80-425 mesh (200 microns - 33 microns), 425-3000 mesh (3 microns - 33 microns)

3. Process and equipment selection 1, 80-425 mesh (200 micron - 33 micron) heavy calcium powder production technology and process The fine calcium powder processing within the fine range can choose CLIRIK European version mill and vertical mill, etc. The products and systems are dry-processed, which realizes self-grinding and self-selection. Through the high-frequency frequency selection machine, the calcium powder can be directly prepared without external screening or sorting. Due to the internal circulation wind, the heavy calcium powder conforming to the finished product can be quickly selected, completely avoiding the phenomenon of over-grinding, greatly improving the output and production efficiency. At the same time, due to the use of advanced dust collector, the system meets the national environmental protection requirements.

The European version of the mill system is a closed-circuit system. It is the fourth-generation mill product independently developed by CLIRIK. It is based on the domestic Raymond mill or pendulum mill. It introduces new European design concepts and standards, and has developed internationally. The technical level, with a number of new patented technology of the new grinding equipment, the machine uses a new multi-patent technology such as bevel gear integral transmission, internal thin oil lubrication system, curved air duct (

As a kind of high-efficiency energy-saving equipment, CLIRIK European mill is characterized by large single-machine production capacity, easy scale production, low energy consumption per unit product, wide distribution of product size, good purity and good fluidity. Degree D97=200-33μm, the stand-alone production capacity varies from 6-35t/h depending on the model. The equipment used in this system mainly includes crusher, hoist, electromagnetic vibrating feeder and European version of mill. Since the European version of the mill has a powder selection device inside, there is no need for an external classifier, which makes the process simple.


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