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HRM slag vertical grinding mill: slag powder processing first choice2015-05-06

Granulated blast-furnace slag, briefly called slag, which is the main solid waste of ferrous metallurgy industry. When the slag alone, the basic dry hard, but subject to certain excitation effect, it will render the water rigid slag powder, which is an ultra-fine granulated blast furnace slag obtained powder after vertical grinding mill grinding.


Slag powder mixed concrete significantly improve and enhance the overall performance of concrete, can effectively improve the sea water resistant properties of concrete, especially suitable for anti-sea engineering; significantly reduces the heat of hydration of concrete, suitable for preparation of mass concrete; can inhibit the alkali-aggregate reaction of concrete, improve the durability of concrete; significantly reduce the amount of water secreted concrete, improve the workability of concrete drowning; can greatly improve the strength of concrete, easily mixing of very high strength concrete; significantly increase the density of concrete and improve the permeability of concrete; for Portland cement concrete to save cement, reduce the cost of concrete, so as to obtain a good value for money. These characteristics make slag powder concrete is widely used in large buildings, dams, roads, water, coastal defense, oil, chemical corrosion engineering, has broad market prospects.


Slag to slag powder substantive change involved inseparable milling equipment. HRM vertical slag grinding mill is Shanghai Clirik Machinery slag grinding mill in order to solve the traditional low yields, high energy consumption of technical problems, painstaking design process slag powder of high-quality equipment. The equipment set of crushing, drying, grinding, separator and transport as a whole, compared with conventional milling system covers 50% of savings, energy savings of 30% -40%, 20-25 decibel noise reduction. The material in The residence time in the grinding mill save 12-18 minutes, so the low investment costs, low operating costs, high drying efficiency, clean environment, product quality and more stable than the surface area 420 / kg, via S105, S95 class standards, is currently slag The first choice of powder processing. We offer nine models of HRM vertical grinding mill for you to meet your needs.


For higher surface area, you can chose HGM micro power grinding mill, which output size can get for more than 2500 mesh.


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