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Shanghai Clirik grinding mill: heavy calcium carbonate powder producing first choice2015-05-07

Heavy calcium carbonate is a natural calcite, marble, dolomite or chalk as raw material, after grinding mill and classification equipment reaches a certain fineness of powdered products. Mainly for the production of cement, anhydrous calcium oxide, glass, construction materials, but also for plastics, coatings, paints, rubber, wire filler. Different grinding fineness of heavy calcium carbonate is divided into four different specifications: solo powder (95% passing 200 mesh), Flying powder (99% passing 325 mesh), three fly powder (99.9% passing 325 mesh ) and four fly powder (99.95% through 400 mesh) for different industrial sectors. There are heavy calcium carbonate production methods and two dry wet from the practical point of view, 3000 mesh products, generally advisable to dry production, 3000 to 6000 mesh product, usually wet production is appropriate.


From the recent market for calcium carbonate powder product requirements, the main need it reaches a certain degree of fineness, through screening rate, whiteness, purity, calcium content, and some also require compliance with certain requirements of the particle size distribution Some applications also make the powder particle morphology stringent requirements.


Practice has proved that the particle morphology of heavy calcium carbonate products, the size and distribution of raw materials, processing equipment, process technology and controlled conditions related. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of heavy calcium carbonate to meet market requirements, one should pay attention to choose heavy calcium carbonate raw materials, on the other hand requires a combination of market research to select the appropriate heavy calcium carbonate processing equipment and processes.


At present, China Raymond Mill, ball mill, high pressure grinding mill other domestic equipment, to a certain extent to meet the needs of the domestic heavy calcium carbonate processing to achieve a certain economic benefits. The giant grinding mill supplier, Shanghai Clirik Machinery launched a heavy calcium carbonate powder grinding mill - vertical grinding mill, ultra-fine micro powder grinding mill and other grinding mill equipment. These grinding mills can process 80 ~ 200 mesh, 200 to 400 mesh, 400 to 800 mesh, 800 mesh to 1500, 1500 to 3000 mesh heavy calcium carbonate powder, granular triple superphosphate to meet different customer needs.


These grinding mills are dry production, self-grinding and self-classifying. Through the frequency efficiency separator, heavy calcium carbonate can be prepared directly, without having to go through an external screening or sorting. As a result of winnowing principle, it can quickly meet the heavy calcium finished blowing elected, completely avoid over-grinding phenomenon, greatly improving the yield and production efficiency; and the use of advanced pulse dust collector systems meet the national environmental protection requirements.


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