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What equipment is used for 250 mesh limestone powder?2015-05-09

With economic development, environmental awareness improvement, ore powder utilization gradually improved, and its ubiquitous in our lives, plastics, calcium, cosmetics, clothing, toothpaste, etc., even paper materials also changed, which became a powder, known as stone paper.


Then, limestone powder fineness most widely used: 80 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 600 mesh, 1250 mesh, 2250 mesh and 3250 mesh, 2250 mesh and 3250 mesh which belong to ultra-fine powder, its current use is not too much to the industry, the most common of powder particle size of 200 mesh -325 mesh, including the current national commission power plant desulfurization limestone powder, limestone powder fineness 200-325 mesh best.


However, what equipment is most used for 250 mesh limestone powder? Currently in the market the grinding mill can meet the demand has: Raymond mill and vertical roller grinding mill

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The two section devices are built by Shanghai Clirik Machinery, professional development series of grinding mill equipment, has been successfully used in many industries, more popular at home and abroad, which increases environmental protection equipment system that allows energy saving, environmental protection technology further the promotion, to meet our current strong proponent of green energy strategy.

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