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How much yield is Raymond grinding mill can get one day2015-05-11

Raymond grinding mill is the most common powder preparation equipment, but also the traditional milling machine, which not only can be processed non-metallic minerals, can also be processed metal ore, metal mines in its selection process, and some need to be processed into ultrafine powder and were featured. Most of all R Series Raymond mill, processing fineness in the range of 80 mesh -400 mesh, with the processing ease of its production materials required fineness, are generally soft and hard material. The capacity of Raymond grinding mill processed soft material, limestone and gypsum for example, is higher than hard material. Processing of silicon carbide, quartz and other, the Raymond grinding mill yield will be a little bit smaller, with an average capacity of 1-50 ton per hour.


With the development of science and technology, the industry on the use of fine quality improvement, coupled with the state's stringent environmental requirements, powder production equipment gradually upgrade, upgrade products has HGM micro powder grinding mill, which is not only the fineness, grain type, production has increased, it is more environmentally friendly energy, the processing of the material is heavy calcium carbonate processing: limestone, calcite, marble, etc; large milling non-metallic minerals: kaolin, barite, limestone, bentonite, gypsum, bauxite, talc, feldspar, clay minerals, wollastonite, quartz and other materials; environmentally friendly desulfurization power plant: preparation desulfurizer, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, ceramics and other industries grinding engineering, coal, petroleum coke and other solid fuel powder grinding, as well as tailings, slag and other solid waste.


How much yield can Raymond mill get one day? Take limestone as an example. The most common range of limestone powder is 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 600 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh, which is generally used 200-325 mesh limestone desulfurization plants, the construction industry, Raymond grinding mill production capacity of 3-5 tons per hour minimum, working eight hours a day, that day to produce at least 200-325 purpose of limestone powder is about 24-40 tons. Fineness 600-125 production purposes will be smaller, because the finer the fineness, the smaller of Raymond grinding mill capacity will be. Raymond grinding mill production yield 2 tons one hour a day, not less than 16 tons. Its yield Raymond mill can be adjusted according to customer requirements, depending on the specific production and mainly on the fineness and nature of the material.


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