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Clirik desulfurization grinding mill2015-05-13

Currently the most widely used and most technologically sophisticated method of desulfurization is limestone - gypsum wet desulphurization technology, the technology applied in practice more rapid progress, as technology innovation and progress, will gradually reduce engineering investment and reduce footprint, suitable for China's development direction of thermal power large capacity and high parameters, generally used for more than 300MW generating units, the utilization rate of more than 90% of the total thermal power plant desulfurization.


Environmental desulfurization sorbent mostly is limestone powder. The quality of limestone powder, fineness and particle size distribution is a key factor affecting the effect of desulfurization, and select the appropriate technology and equipment limestone powder preparation is critical to the whole desulfurization process role. Shanghai Clirik Machinery desulfurization grinding mill in the industry has been in a leadership level, common desulfurization mill include: YGM high pressure grinding mill, HRM vertical roller grinding mill, etc.


YGM high pressure grinding mill is Shanghai Clirik absorbs the latest technology and ideas in Europe, the development of the latest grinding mill equipment with international advanced level of technology, a number of independent patent property rights, as more and more favored by environmental desulfurization project providing reliable technology and equipment protection for thermal power plants, steel mills and energy saving.


HRM vertical roller grinding mill is a set of crushing, drying, grinding, milling grade transport industry in one ideal equipment, widely used in large-scale power plants, the large-scale non-metallic mineral processing device of choice.


In addition, for thermal power plant desulfurization grinding mill system, Clirik, the leader  grinding mill supplier in China, also launched a total solution, from the pre-testing of raw materials to the late installation, commissioning and acceptance, Clirik provide guidance and equipment throughout the main and auxiliary production testing, and a professional technology Service team for your post-system maintenance.


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