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Limestone powder replaces cement in concrete application2015-05-12

Five basic constituent materials of concrete are cement, sand, gravel, water and additives. In recent years, due to China's large-scale infrastructure construction, concrete substantial increase in production, the rapid development of commercial concrete production, resulting in many areas appear high ash, slag and other mineral admixtures lack of resources situation, which affects the quality, productivity and cost of the concrete.


In order to adjust the performance of concrete, concrete reduce costs and achieve comprehensive utilization of resources, the state has introduced policies. The limestone in the concrete application of technical regulations is listed as industry standards and revision plan, it marks the limestone will be to promote the use of concrete as a seventh component. How scientific and rational use of limestone powder, need the guidance of technical regulations, but also need chemical composition and content of limestone powder, verify the performance of concrete, so scientific and rational way to determine the content of limestone powder in concrete.


There are many methods to produce limestone powder. One limestone powder is produced by limestone crusher and sand making machine, the other is produced by vertical roller grinding mill. Limestone powder fineness can be adjusted from 80 mesh to 3250 mesh, different types of grinding mill equipment which the expected size and yield are different. As the production of cement limestone powder is relatively low cost of production, to replace part of cement with limestone powder, reduce the amount of cement to reduce concrete costs.


After extensive research and experimentation, after limestone replacement of cement, limestone powder due to the fineness of the fine than cement, played the role in the mix was dispersed, can accelerate cement hydration, from the filling in hardened concrete, you can improve the strength of concrete, which replace the best range of 5% -10%, in the range of this substitution, the work performance of concrete to meet the transport, pumping, pouring and other requirements. Thus replace part of limestone cement can save the cost of investment, with the best value for money.


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