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The Benefits of Micro Powder Grinding Mill2016-10-27

Now we can choose ultra-fine powder mills we need from the market, for the many manufacturers, having a full set of micro powder grinding equipment is very necessary. Micro powder grinding mill is different from the general milling equipment. It has a lot of advantages.

1.High efficient

When the product fineness and motor power is equal, production of micro powder grinding mill is 40% higher than airflow mill and mixing mill’s.

2.High degree of utilization of wearing parts

In the case of the same materials and fineness, wearing parts of micro powder grinding mill has longer service life than that of turbine crusher, which is usually up to one year.


Micro powder grinding mill

3.High security and reliability

Because of the grinding chamber is without rolling, screws, bearings and seals so the vulnerable problem does not exist. Such as, screw loosening and destruction of the machine.

4.High fineness of product

Product fineness in one time can reach d97≤5μm.

5. Environmental friendly

Pulse dust collector and muffler is used to reduce the dust pollution and noise, so that the micro powder grinding mill could achieve national environmental standards, which has played a role in environmental protection on the surrounding environment.

In summary, micro powder grinding mill is better than the traditional grinding machines. If you want to know more about the micro powder grinding mills. Please contact us or visit our website.

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