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The Conservation Method of Grinding Mill2016-11-03

We have always stressed that the maintenance work of grinding mill, which is not only related to the productivity of the grinding mill, but also will affect the service life of the mill. What will happen if we do not do the maintenance work for grinding mill? When we use the grinding mill, if lubrication work has not been done, there will be occlusal wear. In other word, the machine parts is adhesive wear, it will appears more serious phenomenon of friction between the related parts in machine. For example, the most common phenomenon is in the roller nip member.

grinding mill

Under normal circumstances, the part inside the mill is in contact with a smooth, even if there are appear some uneven phenomenon in some place, nor will it have any effect on the machine in the role of oil. But there is no oil, the part of the rough surface will wearing the other components, because of the contact area is small but the force and resistance is larger.

Adding oil to the grinding mill is a good habit to maintenance the grinding mill, In the long run, this method not only enhances the productivity of the grinding mill, but also increases the life of grinding mill. So when the users are using the grinding mill, please be sure to do the maintenance work of grinding mill well.

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