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What should We Pay Attention To When We Use Ultra-fine Grinding Mill2016-11-10

When we talk about ultra-fine grinding mill, there is a very important problem that how to maintain and clean the stone grinding mill. Because the machine is always used in a variety of fine powder product, so in the process of grinding and advocacy, maybe the powder will get into the machine corner. If we do not clean the machine in time, it will cause not working of ultra-fine grinding mill latter.

1. Check before starting: Before using ultra-fine grinding mill, every pipe in the grinding mill should be checked carefully before start, after make sure the machine is not clogged, and then turn on the switch.

2. Daily clean up: We should clean up the ultra-fine grinding mill everyday, such as: clean the machine surface dust or some little corner on the grinding mill. And in some place which are difficult to cleaned up, we should clean the machine by use some tools, and keep clean-up day diet, could help extend the service life of the grinding mill.

ultra-fine grinding mill

3. Timely lubricants: When ultra-fine grinding mill work continuously over two hours, we need do some lubrication job to the mill, this could maintain the stable operation of the grinding mill effectively, and at the moment protect the machine part not be damaged.

4. Handle the material: that is, before we use the ultra-fine grinding mill, we should do some simple manage about the materials. and then put the same size materials into the grinding mill, for reducing the loss of the grinding mill.

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