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The Common Faults of Raymond Mill And How to Solve Them2016-12-08

As we all know, Raymond mill is a common grinding equipment, we can find its shadow in many areas such as: rubber, chemicals, construction and so on. As a production equipment, Raymond mill will appear some minor problems when we are using the machine, and then how to solve these problems in our production process? I will tell you.

Question 1: There is no powder or less powder in Raymond mill
Cause: the lock powder device is not adjusted well, sealing lax. Or, the wear of blade, can not afford the materials.
Remedy: Check and adjust the lock powder device. And replace the blade in time.

Question 2: Finished powder is too large, or too small
Reason: the serious wear of blade in analysis machine, can not afford to classify. Or, there is no suitable wind in draught fan.
Remedy: Replace the blade, and if the powder is too large we can turn down the draught fan, if the powder is too small, we can solve the problem by turning up the draught fan. 

Raymond mill

Question 3: there will appear the phenomenon of current rise in Raymond mill host
Reason: feed too much, the air duct is plugged by the powder, pipe is poor exhaust, circulating air make the main current too large, so the whole set machine temperature is rising.
Remedy: reduce the amount of feed, remove the duct powder. Open the duct valve, and control the machine material temperature at 6 ℃ or less.

These are the three common failures and what should we do if we meet these problems when we are using the Raymond mill. In the next days, I will tell you more knowledges of how to solve the failure problem of Raymond mill as much as possible. If your question have ont be solved in this article, you can also leave your message on our website, our professional staff will answer your questions.

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