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Who is the Best Grinding Mill Manufacturer in Shanghai 2017-03-16

As we all know, there are many grinding mill manufacturer in Shanghai. However, for many grinding mill users, it’s a very difficult problem to find a good grinding mill manufacturer. This time, as a professional grinding mill manufacturer. I will share some features of our grinding mill later.

First. High-efficiency and low, consumption

With the same end-products fineness and motor power, its output is over 1 time of that of the ball mill, Raymond mill and other grinding mill.

Second. Easy-damaged parts with longer working life

The grinding roll and ring are made of special materials. Generally, their work life is more than one year, but, which could come up with over 3 years, when it processes calcium carbonate and calcite.

And then. Security and reliability

Because there is no rolling bearing and bolts in the grinding chamber, we can not see the problems of bearings and sealings easily damaged and machine destroyed due to the bolts looseness.

grinding mill supplier

Finally. Cleansing and environmental, protection

Adoption of pulse dust collector and muffler reduces the industrial dust pollution and noise, which reach the national standard.

As a professional grinding mill manufacturer, Shanghai Clirik has devoted into grinding mill development for 26 years. If you want to know more about our products. You can leave your message on our website. Our engineers would contact you soon.


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