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Precautions of Micro Powder Grinding Mill 2017-03-23

Ultrafine grinding mill, hammer crusher, modified machine and other mining equipment are required to be environmental friendly. Environmental protection is the unavoidable trend in the development of industry. We must firmly grasp the key points in order to produce more environmental friendly equipment and make contributions to the sustainable development. In the process of production, micro powder grinding mill should not only meet the environmental protection needs but also pays attention to its own precautions.

raymond mill

1. To make the micro powder grinding mill work normally, we should formulate "equipment maintenance security operating system" so that it can be ensured to work safely for a long time. At the same time, we must be equipped with maintenance tools, grease and the corresponding accessories.

2. Roller device of micro powder grinding mill used for more than 500 hours should be replaced. At that time, rolling bearing must be clean, the damage parts should be replaced in a timely manner and refueling tools can be manual pumps or grease gun.

3. The micro powder mill in use should be supervised by fixed personnel who are endowed with certain technical level. Before installing the micro powder mill, operating personnel must be received necessary technical training to make them know more about the working principle of micro powder grinding mill and get familiar with the operating process.

4. Put into use for a period of time, micro powder grinding mill should be overhauled. Meanwhile we should overhaul and replace the quick-wear parts such as the roller, ring, and shovel to check whether they are fixed well and the grease is enough or not.

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