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CaCO3 powder grinding mill supplier2019-12-26

Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd is a CaCO3 powder grinding mill supplier in China. We provide you with professional calcium carbonate production solutions.

Introduction of calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate used as chemical raw materials is divided into two types: heavy calcium carbonate and light calcium carbonate. According to their average particle diameter d, they can be divided into coarse grinding (d> 3μm), fine grinding (1 ~ 3μm), and fine particles ( 5μm), fine powder (1 ~ 5μm), fine (0.1 ~ 1μm), superfine (0.02 ~ 0.1μm) and many other varieties. The smaller the particle size of calcium carbonate and the more uniform the particle size distribution, the wider the application range of the product, the more application industries, and the higher the added value.

Calcium carbonate needs to be dried, crushed, and sorted, and then a fine powder material with a particle size over 120 mesh can be obtained before it can be put into use. This process requires a series of equipment such as dryers, crushers, mills, classifiers and dust collector.
Calcium carbonate 
calcium carbonate powder

Composition of calcium carbonate mill system

Calcium carbonate powder grinding mill is a new type of fine powder and ultrafine powder processing equipment. It is suitable for processing non-flammable and explosive brittle materials with Mohs hardness <6 and is also the main equipment used in the current calcium carbonate milling process. one. The system consists of four parts: feeding, grinding separation, collection of finished products and electrical instruments. The feeding device is composed of a buried scraper conveyor, a storage bin and a screw conveyor; the grinding and separating device is composed of a milling machine and an analysis machine, and the two are assembled into one, which is the core equipment of the whole system; the finished product collection device is composed of The cyclone powder collector, dust collector and high-pressure induced draft fan are mainly used to complete the collection of finished materials and exhaust gas discharge; the electrical instrumentation device is the control part of the entire system, which can realize the switching and interlocking of each group of electrical equipment, and finally led to The control room enables remote control.
Calcium carbonate powder grinding mill

The working principle of CaCO3 powder grinding mill

During work, the calcium carbonate material from the drying furnace is sent to the storage bin through the buried scraper conveyor, and then intermittently sent to the mill's feeding tube through the screw conveyor installed at the bottom of the bin. Falling on the upper bulk disc of the grinding disc, the main motor drives the main shaft and the grinding disc to rotate through the reducer, and the roller pins on the edge of the grinding disc drive dozens of ring rollers to roll and rotate in the grinding ring raceway. The material is scattered to the periphery under the action of centrifugal force, and falls into the raceway of the grinding ring. The material is crushed by ring rollers, stamped, rolled, and ground. The material is crushed by the first layer and then falls into the second and third layers. The suction effect of the fan sucks the external air into the machine, and brings the crushed material into the powder separator. The rotating impeller in the classifier makes the coarse material fall back and grind, and the fine powder enters the cyclone powder collector with the airflow and is discharged through the discharge valve at the lower part of the separator. The airflow with a small amount of fine dust passes through the pulse dust collector. After purification, it is discharged through fan and muffler.

CaCO3 powder grinding mill
CaCO3 powder grinding mill

Advantages of CaCO3 powder grinding mill

1. Large production capacity, high product quality, and wide range of finished products.

2. By adjusting the frequency of the analyzer, the calcium carbonate mill can produce materials with different particle sizes in the range of 150 to 2500 mesh, which has reached the level of producing micropowder materials ≤ 5 μm.

3. Safety and environmental protection. Calcium carbonate mills are made of high-chromium and high-manganese forgings with high-chromium and high-manganese forgings. They have excellent mechanical properties. There are no bearings, screws, and other parts in the grinding chamber. There is no seal damage and longer life.

4. The calcium carbonate mill is equipped with dust removal and noise reduction facilities, which can effectively reduce dust and noise pollution without damaging the surrounding environment.

After the calcium carbonate powder grinding mill is put into use in the calcium carbonate grinding process, the equipment is in good operating condition, and the product fineness and sedimentation volume have reached the production target. The equipment quality has been significantly improved compared with similar products. After the calcium carbonate mill was put on the market, the product sales share increased rapidly. If necessary, please contact us. WhatsApp: + 86-13917147829

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