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How to choose Raymond mill grinding roller accessories?2020-05-21

The grinding roller of the grinding equipment needs to be replaced after being used for a certain period of time, because the grinding roller will be worn during use and has a certain period of use.

Raymond mill grinding roller accessories
Replacing the grinding roller is one of the daily maintenance tasks of the Raymond mill, so how should the grinding roller accessories of the mill be selected?

Grinding roller is an important part in the mill equipment, and it is the most important symbol that directly reflects the quality of the mill equipment. As one of the wearing parts, the grinding roller of the mill must be reliable and durable. To this extent, it can create greater value for customers. At present, the materials of Raymond mills on the market are different. Generally, there are three types: high manganese steel (commonly known as 13 manganese or manganese 13), high-quality carbon structural steel (commonly known as 65 manganese), and steel cast iron (commonly known as alloy). So how do you distinguish between these three materials? Of course, the most accurate is through professional testing, but this is a bit impractical for end customers. So introduce several methods of identification.

First look at magnetism. Theoretically, high manganese steel has no magnetism. In actual processing, the surface oxide layer and repaired parts will be slightly magnetic, which is normal and can be judged by magnets. 65 manganese and alloy materials are obviously very magnetic. Second, look at the appearance. The high hardness and toughness of the high-manganese steel grinding ring and the hardening characteristics of high-manganese steel determine the difficulty of cutting. Therefore, the high-manganese steel grinding roller usually only cuts the inner hole and the upper and lower surfaces, the outer circle No processing. Most of the seemingly clean and beautiful grinding roller grinding rings are not high manganese steel.

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