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Repair and Maintenance of Bentonite Superfine Mill2020-05-25

The main component of bentonite is montmorillonite, and the application of ultrafine bentonite mill in this industry is gradually popularized. For manufacturers, regular maintenance and repair work of ultra-fine bentonite mill is urgent, which is to extend the service life of machinery and equipment. The necessary measures to improve the efficiency of equipment use. CLIRIK has significant advantages in the production of ultra-fine mills. Not only is it experienced, the technology is leading in the industry, but also has professional after-sales service guarantees. It can solve the after-sales problems of machinery and equipment for customers and truly customer-centric. Help customers create greater value.

ultrafine bentonite mill

How to maintain and repair the superfine mill?

Machines and equipment are focused on normal maintenance and care, and careful maintenance work can greatly extend the service life of the equipment. If you pay little attention and abuse the equipment, it will cause serious or even irreparable losses. Therefore, strengthen the The normal maintenance work of the equipment is essential. Next, let's take a look at how to maintain the Bentonite ultrafine mill.

1. Operators must go through rigorous training before entering the job. Standard operation can ensure the effective and stable production and reduce equipment damage.

2. The external working environment of the ultra-fine mill should pay attention to avoid open-air production. Exposure and rain will cause different degrees of damage to the mill. If water enters the body, the effect is even worse. The surface of the mill must be coated with anti-rust Grease and rust should be treated immediately and anti-rust repair measures should be taken.

3. The accessories of the ultra-fine mill should also be well maintained, regularly checked and repaired, and checked one by one from the outside to the inside. It is best to make a list of the components of the mill, beware of omissions, and find that the worn parts need to be replaced. If the bolt is loose or missing, it needs to be repaired and tightened.

4. Lubrication of the transmission parts of the ultra-fine powder mill accessories must be in place. The addition of lubricants is not easy to be too much or too little. The selection of lubricants in winter and summer should be correct, and the cleaning work of this part must be paid attention to. Impurities will contaminate the lubricant and affect its lubricating effect. It is best to clean up and add new lubricant regularly and regularly according to the working intensity.

5. The working hours of the mill should be planned in detail to avoid overwork. The overwork operation not only has low production efficiency, but also causes huge damage to the machine. It is one of the killers to shorten the service life.

6. The amount of material added and the humidity of the material in the production link should be controlled within the effective range. The material particles, the amount of addition or the amount of large or small will have a certain amount of wear on the wearing parts of the grinding ring, and the material with too much humidity is not easy to directly Grinding will not only cause blockage, but also may rust internal parts.

7. The above-mentioned major maintenance details are interlocked, need to be implemented step by step according to the plan, do the related supervision work, and indeed maintain the machinery and equipment.

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